Leonardo Borges

Student testimonial by Leonardo Borges
"Not only did the course meet my expectations, but it went far beyond them. I returned to my country full of enthusiasm..."
PDPI 2019

"Charlotte is one of these cities that causes you a good impression at first, and along your staying! Despite being hot by the time I visited it (summer), I did appreciate the people and landscapes around me. Much, much green and beautiful wooden houses. I practiced English as much as I could and felt enthusiastic and confident most of the time.

The UNCC is such an incredible place. We were well received and treated warmly. All professors and coordinators provided support and knowledge we needed and sought to.

During our classes and cultural events outside the campus (in which we were accompanied by program assistants), we were challenged and encouraged to interact and make this experience meaningful. It was fascinating to learn more about the US culture and history. We visited museums, an amusement park, a baseball stadium on 4th of July and other open spaces; we travelled to Biltmore State, which is nearby; we also had marvelous dinners at different local restaurants. All attractions were unforgettable.

One delightful surprise was to find out that our schedule promoted and covered discussions and workshops about second language teaching and the US Educational System. Although we had come to Charlotte for language development, we had the opportunity to learn inductively new methodologies and ideas that professors and instructors used with us. These represented samples of what we could do and adapt to our realities. Our classes focused mostly on pronunciation, listening/speaking practice and cultural aspects. Connie, Corie and Constance, among many others, made of this course even more special. How to forget them? They were really brilliant and inspiring! Rachel, Sheryl and Oldain did a really good job taking care of us while apart from our families.

Not only did the course meet my expectations, but it went far beyond them. I returned to my country full of enthusiasm and with a sense of accomplishment. With regards to UNCC staff, I'd like to recommend the Intercultural Program to those who wish to become better professionals in their countries and gain experience in language practice. Surely, there will be no problems concerning accommodation and basic affairs. Adaptation is also expected due to cultural differences, but that is ok. Our group loved this trip! Charlotte, its citizens and UNCC staff are now part of this memorable experience. As teachers acting in the educational public system, we are most thankful for this incentive and partnership between Brazil and the USA."