Study with Us

Study with us

Our programs provide  a unique opportunity to build intercultural competency, improve professional skills, and see the world from a different perspective. Since 1975, the Office of International Programs at UNC Charlotte has been preparing students to be successful in an increasingly global society. Our highly curated programs are custom-designed and include expert instruction as well as experiential learning opportunities which foster discovery, understanding, engagement, reflection, and application.  


  • UNC Charlotte Campus
  • Company Visit
  • 3D Modeling Workshop
  • UNC Charlotte Football Game


  • Student testimonial by Yajun Wu

    Yajun Wu

    Shanxi University Philosophy Program 2019

    "This program will benefit my future career a lot!"

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  • Student testimonial by Leonardo Borges

    Leonardo Borges

    PDPI 2019

    "Not only did the course meet my expectations, but it went far beyond them. I returned to my country full of enthusiasm..."

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  • Student testimonial by Gerardo Carreón Parra

    Gerardo Carreón Parra

    Proyecta 2017

    "Studying in a new country with people from all over the world definitely was something that changed my life."

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  • Student testimonial by Milca Holanda

    Milca Holanda

    Milca Holanda, PDPI 2018

    "It was such an amazing experience to be apart of this project."

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  • Student testimonial by Ana Maria Pedroso

    Ana Maria Pedroso

    PDPI 2019

    “My study abroad experience helped me become a better teacher and understand more about the United States and its culture.."

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