Work for OIEE




The Graduate Intern plays an important role in the development and execution of OIEE’s programs. The Graduate Intern serves to support the success and well-being of international program participants who come to UNC Charlotte to complete a study and/or training program. This individual will work to foster a positive and inclusive environment and will provide counseling related to participant issues. The Graduate Intern will also be expected to identify and resolve group conflicts as they may arise, as well as identify and utilize necessary resources that serve to enhance participant experience in a safe and positive manner. Click here to hear from one of our former Graduate Interns.

If interested in serving as the Graduate Intern for the academic year 2020-2021, please contact the Assistant Program Director, Rachel Ladenheim at This is an unpaid internship. Graduate students will need to work directly with their department to receive credit.



Our one-of-a-kind programs are made possible by our PA team. PAs are full-time, undergraduate and graduate UNC Charlotte students. As a PA, you will serve as the primary contact between OIEE staff and the participants. You will assist with various aspects of program preparation and implementation. Click here to hear from one of our current Program Assistants.

If interested in applying for the spring 2021 semester, please email Rachel Ladenheim at to express your interest.



As the Marketing Intern, you will work directly with the Program Director and Assistant Program Director. Your roles include, but are not limited to: updating OIEE’s social media pages, designing newsletters, photographing program events, and much more. If interested in applying for the academic year 2020-2021, please email Lauren Kinter at to express your interest.